The Bible is 66 books written by around 35 different people spanning thousands of years and containing history, poetry, prophesy, and more. So where do you start, either in understanding what the Bible means to you or, harder yet, explaining it to your kids? This page contains some resources you can use to start a conversation about faith and salvation with your family, so you can reinforce the things we teach here at State College Alliance Church in our weekly ministries and Alliance Sports Camp. If you have any questions about these resources or need anything else, please contact Bill Jester at

Start Here Video and Print Content

"Start Here" is a great resource produced by Orange, the authors of both our Alliance Sports Camp and Sunday morning curricula. You can use this short video and accompanying print resource to walk with your kids through the gospel message, from creation to redemption through Christ.

Start Here Parent Guide


Recommended Bibles

Here are some recommendations on Bibles for your kids at different stages of life:

  • Preschoolers: The Jesus Storybook Bible, Sally Lloyd-Jones. This is a great picture Bible that contains both Old and New Testament stories, all tied together with Jesus as the central figure.
  • Early Readers: NiRV Adventure Bible (many alternate styles): The NiRV translation is a derivative of the more common NIV, using shorter sentences and simpler words to communicate scripture in a more understandable way.
  • Elementary: NIV Adventure Bible (many alternate styles): This is a full NIV Bible with tons of extra content to keep your kids engaged with what they're reading.
  • Preteens: To be honest, the best Bible for a preteen is the one they will read. There are tons of options with different styles, devotional content, and more.
  • Honorable Mention: The Action Bible. This isn't for everyone, and know what you're getting, but some older elementary and preteen kids love this chronological, graphic novel approach to the Bible.

Other Resources for Parents

Here are some other tools and resources you can use to encourage spiritual growth in your home:

  • The Parent Cue Blog: A blog and podcast produced by Orange full of practical advice for parenting kids in today's digital world.
  • The Parent Cue App: A free Android/iPhone app with monthly, weekly, and daily "Cues" to prompt conversation and growth in your family.
  • CMA/CityChurch Map: An interactive map listing local churches in the Christian and Missionary Alliance Denomination and CityChurch, a gathering of Christian churches in central PA.
  • Alliance Kids Ministries Page: The main page for Alliance Kids Ministries, including our Sunday morning preschool through preteen ministries and Sunday evening AWANA Clubs.
  • Alliance Kids at Home: A webpage updated weekly with video and print content for preschool through preteen, aligned with the Sunday morning ministries at SCAC.