Welcome to the Alliance Kids @ Home page! While our usual Sunday morning kids ministry is disrupted, we hope to use resources on this page to stay connected with Alliance Kids families, including those who have not been able to return to in-person gatherings.   As always, if there is anything at all that I can do to help your family navigate this challenging season, don't hesitate to contact me at bill@scalliancechurch.com!

First Look (pre-school) resources

This month, we are going to be talking about something that is high and wide and deep. Do you know what it is? Yes, it’s the love of Jesus. Jesus’ love for each of us is so wide and long and high and deep that we can’t even measure it! And, we are going to have so much fun introducing this truth to our preschoolers this month!

We start the month with the best Sunday of the year—Easter! How exciting that we get to share the story of Easter with our youngest friends this month. Some of them will be hearing for the very first time that Jesus wants to be their friend forever. Yes! Jesus is alive, and He wants to be our friend forever! 

We want to share the good news that Jesus is alive with our preschoolers all month long. We want them to hear over and over again that Jesus wants to be their friend forever. We want this foundational truth of Jesus’ great love for them to live in each preschooler’s heart.

April 11 Preschool Video

April 11 Preschool Activities

Route 252 (Elementary) Resources

Our April theme in Route 252 is "Reconnect", as we discover both how we can have peace with God through Jesus and live out that peace in relationships around us. We are also thrilled to see this "Reconnect" theme played out in a very real way as we anticipate resuming outdoor gatherings and welcoming some friends back that we haven't seen in a while. Whether you're able to join us in person for this series or not, we hope that your family can grow together in an understanding of peace with God and others both as we celebrate Easter Sunday and the rest of the month.

April 11 252 Kids Video (all ages)

April 11 Pre-Teen Video

(targeted at older kids but I've heard from some younger ones who love the "So&So Show" too!)

April 11 Activities

  • K-3 Family Activity Guide:  Some activities and discussion guides for elementary kids and their families that goes along with the video lesson above.
  • Pre-teen Activity Guide:  Some activities and discussion guides for older elementary kids and their families.
  • Faith Parent Conversation Guide: An easy to use guide with some practical conversation starters you can use to talk to your kids about your faith and theirs!

Resources for Parents

Orange, the maker of our pre-school and elementary curriculum, has collected a bunch of really valuable resources to help you and your family navigate through anxiety and fear in the midst of challenges.  I hope these resources will be a benefit to your family in this season: