Welcome to the Alliance Kids @ Home page! Below you will find video and text resources that align with the topics we are teaching in our Sunday morning ministries for preschool through pre-teen. Even as we return to in-person ministry we hope that this page will be a blessing to families who are traveling or otherwise unable to attend church. If there is anything else the Alliance Kids team can do to support you and your family, please contact Bill Jester at bill@scalliancechurch.com.

Advent REsources

As we approach Christmas, we encourage you to set aside a bit of time in your day to focus on scripture and family. Below are several different ways you can join in a daily Advent devotional that includes scripture readings leading up to Christmas day along with some discussion prompts and simple activities you can do with your family. You can also pick up a hardcopy of the Advent Calendar at the Alliance Kids check-in desk on Sundays or in the church office on other days.

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Single page calendar

Multi-page calendar

First Look (pre-school) resources

This month we are going to use a community garden to teach our preschoolers that “I can thank God for everything.” Wow, there is so much goodness in that one statement!

First of all, I can thank. Choosing to be thankful is the road to contentment, joy, and peace. And we want our preschoolers to have all of that goodness in their lives. Second, I can thank God. Thanking God is how we acknowledge the One giving us all the good in our lives. And third, I can thank God for everything. Yes, even the not so good stuff. When we thank God for everything, we are showing God that we believe He can use ALL things for His purpose and nothing is too big for Him.

We want our preschoolers to know they can thank God for everything. We want them to experience the contentment, joy, and peace that comes from a thankful heart.

November 28 Preschool Video

November 28 Preschool Activities

Route 252 (Elementary) Resources

Everything we have comes from God. He is faithful to provide what we need. And even more than what we own, God can also provide what we need to face whatever happens in our life. God has proven time and again that we can trust Him no matter what. We can complain or become jealous of what others have . . . or we can choose to respond with contentment, knowing that God has a plan for our lives.

This month in our in person and online teaching we will be studying this idea of contentment, or learning to be OK with what you have, through a bunch of Old and New Testament lessons on Paul, King Ahab, the Israelites, and the early church. Hopefully as we build towards Thanksgiving and the coming Advent season, our kids can find a heart of gratitude and contentment to help keep them focused on what matters.

November 28 252 Kids Video (all ages)

November 28 Pre-Teen Video

(targeted at older kids but I've heard from some younger ones who love the "So&So Show" too!)

November 28 Activities

  • K-3 Family Activity Guide:  Some activities and discussion guides for elementary kids and their families that goes along with the video lesson above.
  • Pre-teen Activity Guide:  Some activities and discussion guides for older elementary kids and their families.
  • Faith Parent Conversation Guide: An easy to use guide with some practical conversation starters you can use to talk to your kids about your faith and theirs!

Resources for Parents

Orange, the maker of our pre-school and elementary curriculum, has collected a bunch of really valuable resources to help you and your family navigate through anxiety and fear in the midst of challenges.  I hope these resources will be a benefit to your family in this season: