While we aren't meeting in person this week at State College Alliance Church, we encourage your family to bring the church experience home.  In addition to the online sermons being posted, you can find some video and printable resources below for our First Look and Route 252 ministries to keep moving through our spring series together.  In addition, some simple activities are included for you to do at home to reinforce the weekly Bible teaching.  And remember you can always access weekly materials from Orange on your smartphone or other devices via the Parent Cue app!

If there is anything at all that I can do to help your family navigate this stressful season, don't hesitate to contact me at bill@scalliancechurch.com!

First Look (pre-school) resources

As we enter into the summer, our First Look kids will be playing a great big game of "I Spy"!  We are excited to join our pre-school teaching with the older kids (and Alliance Sports Camp") Focus series to learn about all the things we can see, hear, and do to help us believe in Jesus.  

Each week in both June and July, we will be asking our pre-schoolers "Who Can Believe in Jesus?" and hoping they can answer with confidence "I Can Believe in Jesus!"  Parents, look for opportunities this summer to play "I Spy" with your kids, remind them that everything we see was made by God, and that very same God made them and loves them.

June 7th Pre-school Video

June 7th Pre-school Activities

Route 252 (Elementary) Resources

Welcome to the summer series for Route 252, FOCUS!  We will be spending the next 8 weeks, including Alliance Sports Camp, talking about the BIG idea of Faith and how we can find it by turning our Focus to God and His amazing creation.  We will be discovering more about Faith as we finish up our journey through the Bible that we started way back in August, learning about the early church, the first missionaries, and even a bit about what God promises in the Book of Revelation.  

June 7th 252 Kids Video (all ages)

June 7th Pre-Teen Video (better for older kids)

June 7th Activities

Resources for Parents

Orange, the maker of our pre-school and elementary curriculum, has collected a bunch of really valuable resources to help you and your family navigate through anxiety and fear in the midst of challenges.  I hope these resources will be a benefit to your family in this season: