Inspired by stories of other churches who began prayer walking their neighborhoods, we began to wonder:

 "What might God do here if we prayed over every street and home in our community?" 

Over the next several weeks, we will be updating this page to provide information and tools for our church to prayer walk our community and surrounding areas during the month of September.  Sign up today to join this Prayer Walking movement and we'll keep you updated as it grows.

Sign Up Here

Prayer Walking Map

Let us know where you'll be prayer walking by highlighting your route on the map in the lobby of the church. 

For those who are unable to physically come to our facility to draw on the map, we've created the form linked below. Let us know where you'll be praying and we'll mark the map for you.

Submit your prayer route

Prayer walking resources

Look for cards near the prayer map in the lobby of the church that you can take with you.  These cards give a few simple prompts to help guide your prayer time while you walk.  For those of you who cannot come to the church in person, you can download a digital version below.

Download the Prayer Walking Guide

We also encourage you to watch this 6 minute video that covers the basics of prayer walking.


We've gotten several questions from folks asking for more details.   We're guessing that others may have the same questions.  Below is a brief FAQ to help clarify what we're asking you to do!

  • How many days should I plan to prayer walk my route?   
    We aren't setting an amount of times that you are committing to prayer walk. One prayer walk on your selected route, anytime in the month of September, is sufficient. Of course, you are welcome to prayer walk your route more than once if you wish. 

  • What if someone else has already highlighted my street?  
    Don't be concerned if there's already a line on the street--draw another line in a different color. There is no problem if multiple people pray over the same street! 

  • Should I knock on every door to ask if people want to receive prayer?  
    No. :)  Our goal is to be unseen in the community and to not draw attention to ourselves.  The last thing we would want you to do is trespass on private property.  If someone asks what you are doing, please share that you are prayer walking the community, asking God to bless every home.  At that point you could ask that person if they have something specific you could pray for if you feel led to do so. 

  • Should I  prayer walk alone or with someone else?
    That is completely up to you.  If you do go with others, smaller groups of 2 or 3 are best so as not to overly draw attention to yourselves.

  • I have more questions you didn't answer!
    Watch the video posted above for more information.  If you still have questions, send us a message and we'll find an answer for you! You can send an email to or call 814-237-7991.