Alysa Roush

Alysa serves as the nursery coordinator at State College Alliance Church. She joined the team during the summer of 2017 as we prepared to open our new nursery space. Alysa desires to see the nursery be a place where families can feel confident that their young children are safe and well cared for by our faithful God-loving volunteers.

Alysa is happily married and proud to be known as Mrs. Seth (wife of SCA’s youth Pastor!). She spends most of her time investing in the lives of their 3 children doing what moms do; playing games, reading books, and making messes while making every day life happen as smoothly as possible for her family. When she has a moment to spend on her own she enjoys reading, a good workout, and cooking up something spicy or savory... or sweet! She also loves to aimlessly browse Home Goods with a dark roast cup of Starbucks in hand.