As Centre County transitions through the various phases of reopening, we are thrilled to begin a gradual return to in-person ministry at State College Alliance Church.  Stay tuned to this page for the latest information about our reopening plan as well as details of upcoming Q&A sessions, or click the button below to ask a question about our reopening process.

Outdoor Worship Services

We are thrilled to resume in-person, outdoor worship services starting on July 19th.  Our goal is to provide a relaxed time of fellowship, worship, and teaching while staying safe under current health guidelines.  

What are the details of these services?  Click below for answers to common question about service times, seating, parking, and masks.

How do I sign up for a service?  We will be encouraging people planning to attend the in-person worship services to sign up ahead of time, so we can keep track of anticipated attendance and make sure we stay under guidelines for group size.  To sign up, click the button below or email the church at

We are looking to borrow pop-up canopy tents to provide shade to those who need it during the services.  If you have one you are willing to loan to the church, email us at

Reopening Timetable

The Reopening Task Force and staff are working on a timetable for a safe, organized return to in-person Sunday morning worship, including outdoor services starting on Sunday, July 19th.  We will continue to monitor health guidelines, the weather, and other factors to decide on next steps in August and beyond.

Guidelines for Small Gatherings

The first phase of resuming in-person ministry will be through small gatherings such as Community Groups, neighborhood meetups, and Sunday morning service "watch parties".  

What guidelines should groups follow?  Guidelines for small gatherings, including recommended group sizes, meeting locations, and church facility use are outlined in the document linked below:

What if my group wants to use church facilities?  Groups who want to take advantage of larger rooms available at the church are encouraged to do so.  All on-site gatherings need to be done via reservation using the form linked below:

What if I want to get connected?  If you are not currently involved in a Community Group or other small gathering through the church, fill out the form linked below.  We will help facilitate simple gatherings based on people's location and interests.


Our second Q&A session on our reopening process was held on June 28th, specifically focused on our outdoor worship services planned for July.  You can watch a recording of this session and the one from May below.  

If you have additional questions about our reopening process, click on the link at the top of this page or send an email to Bill Jester (