Oasis 2020

April 24-25

Healing Springs for Life's Deepest Hurts

You are cordially invited to attend Oasis 2020 on April 24-25 at State College Alliance Church, 1221 W. Whitehall Road.  A panel discussion, live music, and refreshments are a part of Friday evening’s  program.  Saturday’s event includes plenary  sessions, workshops, music, art, survivor healing  stories and more. If you or someone you love  has suffered abuse, find shelter from the winds  of isolation and come to Oasis–a unique place of  hope and renewal. 

Early Registration opens March 1st

Conference Speakers

  • Connie Baker

    Connie A Baker MA LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor with her own private practice in Portland, Oregon. She is a survivor of religious and sexual abuse and is  passionate about seeing people recover and thrive after the trauma of devastating  church experiences. She gives her heart and expertise to those recovering by  counseling, leading small groups and teaching at seminars and conferences. For the  last 35 years she has been deeply involved in several different people-helping  professions.  Being a part of another person’s growth, development and healing is a  profound and sacred privilege – one that, for her, has never grown old. Her husband  has annually received her “Most Wonderful Man in the World” award and her 3  children (ages 24-38) and one grandson (age 11) bring her great joy. In June 2019,  Connie published her book: Traumatized by Religious Abuse: Courage, Hope and  Healing for Survivors.

  • Darla Colinet

    Darla Colinet is an inspirational speaker, author, and consultant who dispels the confusion and lies about love and domestic abuse through God’s truth and Christ’s exceptional love design. Darla brings hope, insightful revelations, and practical strategies through her authentic personal stories from thirty years of domestic abuse in three marriages. When she’s not serving God from her home in Colorado, she and her husband, Alan, are off on their travel adventures.

    Darla Colinet is the founder and CEO of God’s Transforming Grace. Darla is certified as a life coach and a Christian coach, a member of the women’s ministry core team at Timberline Church in Colorado. She is a consultant for churches and their staff to understand how to live in Christ’s exceptional love design and to recognize and support victims of domestic abuse. Darla provides encouragement from a weekly blog, various resources on love and abuse, online classes, and other inspiring products at www.GodsTransformingGrace.com.  Darla has written two books: Under the Staircase: Hearing God’s Voice in the Darkness, and Who’s Writing Your Life Story: Will It End Happily Ever After? A  third book, soon to be released, is: Quest for Exceptional Love: Transform Your Love and Relationships Through Christ's Love Design.

Conference Details

Look for more details on the schedule, registration, and financial assistance soon!