Coronavirus Response

A note from Pastor Aaron

At State College Alliance Church, we are endeavoring to stay informed about the latest developments and impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19), including how it affects our local community and church family. This page will keep you up to date on decisions that the church is making to continually pursue our mission while keeping our members and community safe. You can find answers to frequently-asked questions related to our Sunday Services, Facility Use, and Community Care. We will navigate this challenge in faith, renouncing fear, and do our very best to offer care and encouragement to our church and community. 

Aaron Henning, Lead Pastor

Community Care

State College Alliance Church seeks to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our community through this challenging time.  If you have a need we can help meet or are willing to help meet others' needs, please click the appropriate buttons below.  These requests are not limited to members or attenders of State College Alliance Church.

Click if you have a prayer or care need (groceries, childcare, tech help, or just someone to talk to).

Click to fill out a confidential request for financial assistance.

Click to join our care team and help meet the needs of those in our community.

Frequently Asked Questions

(Last Updated June 28, 2020)


  • How can I ask questions and find out more about the reopening plan?  (Updated 6/28/20) The reopening task force along with pastors and ministry leaders hosted a second Q&A session on our reopening plan on Sunday, June 28th.  Visit the Reopening Page to watch a recording of the session or to ask any additional questions.
  • What does Centre County moving to the "Green" phase of state guidelines mean for the church? (Updated 6/28/20) We praise God that our county continues to meet the requirements to remain in the "Green" phase of reopening so we are continuing with our plan for resuming in-person church ministry.  Small gatherings including Community Groups are encouraged to resume meeting now and in-person, outdoor worship services will be held starting on July 19th.  Visit the Reopening Page for all the latest details.

Sunday Services

  • When are we resuming in-person services?   (Updated 6/28/20)  We will begin a series of outdoor, in-person worship services on Sunday, July 19th.  These outdoor services are tentatively planned to continue through August 2nd, but the exact timetable will be determined based on health guidelines, weather, and other factors.  Visit the Reopening Page for all the latest details.
  • What are the details of the outdoor services?  (Updated 6/28/20)  Our goal for these services is to provide a casual but meaningful time of fellowship and worship within the current state guidelines for gatherings.  For all the details on things like parking, masks, and the service format, see the Outdoor Worship Service Details flyer. 
  • How do I sign up for the outdoor services?  (Updated 6/28/20)  We will be encouraging people planning to attend the in-person worship services to sign up ahead of time so we can keep track of anticipated attendance.  Sign ups for the July 19th services will be available online and by phone starting on July 7th and for subsequent weeks on the Tuesday before the gathering.
  • What will be happening on Sunday mornings until then?  (Updated 3/20/20) Interactive worship services (including preaching and worship music) will be broadcast on Sunday mornings at 9:00am and 10:30am at and on our Facebook Page.  Both feeds will include interactive features like live chat with the pastors and prayer team.  For those who are unable to participate at those times, the sermons will be posted on the Sermons Page as usual.
  • Will streaming worship services continue after we return to in-person services? (Updated 6/28/20) We are thrilled to see how God is working through our streaming worship services and plan to continue them indefinitely, even after we resume in-person worship on Sunday mornings.  This will include live streaming of the outdoor services beginning in July.
  • What about kids/family ministry?  (Updated 6/19/20) Our Sunday morning Alliance Kids ministries will likely not begin in-person until late summer or fall, when guidance for schools is more clear.  We will continue to deliver digital content through the Alliance Kids @ Home, including some more personalized content in July leading up to Alliance Sports Camp.
  • How can I continue to give to church ministry?  In addition to the ongoing financial needs of the church, we hope to be in a position to be generous to our community if the need arises.  Please consider continuing your financial support of the church during this season.  Checks can be mailed to the church (1221 W. Whitehall Road) or you can use a variety of online giving tools on our GIVE page.  Online giving can be done recurring or as a one-time gift.
  • Are there fees associated with online giving? (Updated 5/1/20) When you give to the church using your checking account (which requires a login to iConnect, our online church database), the bank fees are negligible. When giving is done with a credit card (which can be done without iConnect login), the church pays a 3% fee for that transaction. So, if you are indifferent about the method, using direct deposit from your checking account instead of a credit card allows more of your contribution to directly support the ministry of the church. You can learn more about giving options at our Give Page, or contact the church office (814-237-7991, with any questions.

Community Care

  • What do I do if I have a need (prayer, physical, etc.)?   (Updated 3/18/20) If you have a prayer or care need (childcare, groceries, etc.), fill out the coronavirus care form. The church staff will be monitoring this form and will do our best to connect you with people or community organizations who can help, though we cannot promise to help with all requests. In addition you can use the regular channels of communication to the church by calling (814)237-7991 or emailing with general needs or email with prayer requests.
  • What if I have a financial need?  (Updated 3/20/20) If you have a financial need, fill out the confidential request form for financial assistance.  The deacons oversee the process of allocating benevolence resources from the deacons fund.
  • How can I help meet the needs of others?   (Updated 3/18/20) As needs arise in our church and community, we desire to raise up a team to help meet them. If you have the time and ability to help out in some way (childcare, grocery delivery, meal preparation, etc.), please fill out the coronavirus care team form. Filling out this form does NOT commit you to any specific tasks but will put you on a list of people that will be contacted as needs arise.
  • How can I pray for the church and community?  (Updated 5/1/20) You can email the church office ( to be added to our email prayer chain, if you're not already on that list to receive prayer requests via email. You can also fill out the coronavirus care team form and check the appropriate box to indicate your interest in prayer for those with prayer needs.  And you can join a 24/7 prayer initiative along with sisters and brothers from the CityChurch, our network of local partnership churches, by signing up for a weekly prayer hour slot.

Church Facilities and Staffing

  • Is the church building open?  (updated 5/31/20)  Now that Centre County is in the "Green" phase of reopening, we will allow small gatherings on-site with restrictions on group size and guidelines in place for masks and social distancing.  All use of the building must be reserved through the online Facilities Use Form and approved by the office staff.  At present the church office is not open to drop-in business; a return to open office hours will be evaluated later in the summer.
  • How is this impacting the church staff? (Updated 4/1/20) Our team is adjusting to changing needs on an almost daily basis. Due to the stoppage of building use, we have furloughed our custodial staff and some of our administrative team. (The newly signed CARES ACT allows these employees to remain financially whole during this time.) 
  • How can I contact the church office?  (updated 4/1/20) We will be remotely monitoring church email ( and voicemail (814-237-7991) regularly.  Though we will not be there physically, we will do our best to answer the main office phone during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm).